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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 6 Reveal

So I can now say we have one "completed" room in our house. After 10 years of renovating, it's kind of nice to have at least one totally finished space :) Participating in a round of the One Room Challenge was just the motivation I needed to finally pull this room together.

I chose to do my oldest child's room as it seemed like the most neglected room in the house. We plan to move in the next year (HERE is why!) so I really wanted to finish it for him, so he could enjoy it for at least a little while. He is pretty pleased with it and keeps thanking me for "doing a good job!" We'll call it a success!

This was my original Idea Board that I started with and now you can see where it went from there.

The finished big boy room!

Originally, my plan was to center the bed under the windows for symmetry.  Once I actually got the furniture in the room, I didn't like how the headboard blocked the natural light, so I shuffled things around (with my sister's help!) until it felt right. Having the large rug in the room helps anchor the furniture so now I like this layout.  Large rooms are tricky as they can feel empty without enough furnishing, but also cluttered if there's too much.

The bed was a Do-It-Yourself project. I now have my first headboard upholstering experience under my belt. Cameron built the frame from plywood and 2x4's and cut it to shape.  It wasn't the easiest thing to do as a beginner with upholstery and I didn't pick the easiest fabric to work with (lining up the seams was a pain!), but I'm pretty happy with the results.  The extra effort of adding cording as it gives it a more finished look that I love.

The nightstand is a favorite find from wayfair.com. I was looking for something clean lined that would work well with his vintage dresser. It also needed to be a little larger then standard nightstands so the scale would be right next to a queen size bed.  This one totally fits the bill and the fabric wrapped, hand painted finish and texture is an added bonus! I love having pieces of furniture that can grow with kids and look good long term.

Across from his bed I needed something to fill the space. I ran out of time to upholster a chair for him, but still wanted to do something fun in this corner.  This is what I came up with using things I had around the house.  The clear acrylic shelf was left over from a few I added in my girls' bedroom, and the rhino head was already in the room from before.  The hook is my favorite from Anthropologie. Not bad for a last minute arrangement :)

On the opposite side of the door is storage for his toys, books and artwork.  The cubbies were a baby gift to him from my sister and they've served him well!

The cowboy boots were a gift from my parents in mexico, they don't fit him anymore but they're too cute to let go of.  He used to call them "boot cows" when he wore them :)

The Lego set is Cameron's that he played with as a kid and so are a bunch of the books here too.

This dresser is a vintage Drexel piece that I picked up for a steal at a consignment shop. Cameron used his paint gun and sprayed it with a glossy oil paint for me. It looks better than new!

A little Brasso polish cleaned up the original hardware and I love how the brass finish pops against the blue!

Black and white prints seem to work in any space! I had this picture of my Grandpa on his farm (Photopro if you're local does awesome work!)enlarged and popped it into an Ikea frame.  Not all art has to be hung on a wall, you can just prop it up for a more casual look I did here.

This kid lives in his super hero costumes!

As for the art on the walls, the photoshoot was well underway before I had anything hung! The morning of the shoot, I had spray painted a couple of thrifted bamboo frames and had them laying in the sun when my photographer got here, hoping they would dry in time! Thankfully they did (barely) and so I pretty much eyeballed it and quickly threw them up on the wall...

My method is far from technical! I just lay them out, try to make them look balanced (asymmetrical is OK!) and wing it :)

My best advice would be to use what you LOVE and hang things at eye level. That's likely the biggest mistake I notice when I see art/pictures on the wall.  Hang them low enough that people can look at them!

Mix things up too...I wanted pieces that would mean something to Talmadge so there's some vintage pictures of his relatives, a fun (not perfectly composed) shot of him and his super hero cousins along with animal prints from a clearance rack. Nothing fancy or expensive, but personal! Keeping the frames limited to white or orange and using simple white mats makes it look cohesive but still fun for a kids room.

The ceiling sputnik light fixture was an inexpensive wayfair.com purchase. It had a weird grey brushed finish that I got rid of with a little black spray paint. The ceilings are really low because this room is actually an attic we converted when we added our addition so I needed something flush mount, but wanted a lot of light so I was happy to find this one.

The bamboo shades are from Blinds.com. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on shades since they'll stay with the house when we move, but I needed to hide the gap between the window trim and the ceiling as it was just slightly off and not totally level. Mounting these to the ceiling eliminates that problem and black out lining means someone sleeps past 6:30 now. #totallyworthit

Anyways, he loves his room and I'm happy with how it turned out too.  It was fun to learn something new(upholstery!) and make something that makes someone happy.  That's always my favorite part of design/decorating is seeing people enjoy their space!

Thanks for reading and following the One Room Challenge! I hope this inspires you to try something new (seriously, you can learn anything watching You Tube videos!) or even finish up a space or get a few things hung on your walls. I already want to tackle all my other blank walls now!!!

Now I need a week to catch up on what all the other participants have done! There is some incredible talent and creativity that's gone into the projects! Make sure to check them out HERE and HERE if you haven't already! And of course, a big thank you to Linda at Calling It Home who created and takes care of this event!

I have to shout out to my photographer Elena from Attic Co. She was so accommodating and awesome to work with, especially given the short turn around time I had for these pictures.  She's a blast to work with and I'm thankful for her talent and help shooting this room!

PS. For fun, you can see the room when it was in it's construction right HERE and how we installed and stained the floors HERE

Thursday, May 04, 2017

ORC Week 5: It's coming together!

It's week 5 of the ORC and we are nearing the finish line!  We were on the road all day, heading out for a weekend with family so this post is a little late :)

This week I had to scramble since traveling would mean I'd lose a few days to work on the project. With lots of help from Cam and a few late nights of work, I think we're on track to actually finish in time.  The main challenge for me was the headboard I decided to DIY....Would have been wayyy easier, faster and likely even cheaper to just buy one, but where's the fun in that?

I found a fabric from Schumacher that's whimsical and fun but not super childish. I showed it to Talmadge (since it is his room after all...) and he thought the animals were cool, so I ran with it.  He'll likely hate it in 5 years but I figure if that's the case I can make it work in a guest room too!?

Cameron kindly built me a head board out of plywood and cut it to shape (twice, after I changed my mind...) and with the help of a few YouTube videos, I'm learning (through trial and error) how to upholster this thing. The easy way is to wrap it around the board and staple, but I made it a little harder on myself by adding cording that I sewed from the fabric. Choosing the pattern that I did had an added challenge as the fabric is only 54" wide and queen beds are 60". This means I had to add panels to each side and seam them. Wasn't the easiest to line up but with my MIL's help I think they turned out alright.

A few other pieces have arrived as well (mostly from wayfair.com since they ship so fast and their prices are awesome-seriously they are my go to for a lot of things!! #notsponsored) and a few things are on the way.

My favorite piece so far is this nightstand I found from wayfair.  I was a little nervous because the pictures online weren't great and the pattern looked a little pink in the pictures.  When it showed up I was super happy with it! It's fabric wrapped and then painted, so the pattern and texture make it unique.  It's larger then most nightstands too (So many of them are only 20-24" tall) so it looks substantial next to a queen size bed.  I just did one nightstand as two for a kid seems unnecessary and there won't be room for more than one when we move to the new house.

This rug is from wayfair too.  All the kids play together in this room a lot, so something large and cozy for the space seemed like a good idea.  The kids get super excited every time a package arrives and they act like it's Christmas opening everything.

We finished up the dresser finally and I love how it looks after I polished the original brass hardware with a little brasso cleaner.  Cameron does an awesome job painting, so the finish is super smooth and has a nice shine to it!

Lighting is installed, new shades are in and pillows are on their way, I've got things printed to frame and hang on the wall so hopefully Monday I can actually get everything pulled together by Tuesday. I've arranged for my photographer friend (Elena from Dust Studio) to shoot the room so that I can actually have good photos :)

Thanks again for following along! It's been fun! I've linked up over at Linda's blog, Calling It Home, so make sure you head there and check out everyone else that's participating!

See you next week :)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

ORC: Week 4 Painting Vintage Furniture

Another week has flown by and the count down is on for the One Room Challenge!  I don't know how others do it with projects that are full on renovations! I'm just "decorating" and it's hard to find time to get things done!

This past weekend we got a good start on painting the dresser for the bedroom.  It's vintage Drexel piece I picked up at a consignment store a year or two ago with plans to paint it.  I liked the simple lines, the quality and the good amount of storage it offered. And the hardware, I loved the original brass hardware :) I knew with some glossy paint it'd look better then new!

Originally I was going to do a dark olive green shade and last minute (literally, in the paint store!) I changed my mind and picked out a light blue color.  I was afraid it would look heavy in a dark paint color as it looked drab and heavy with it's original stain color, so that's why I made the switch.

It's now Gossamer Blue from Benjamin Moore color matched with Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel Oil paint in Gloss.  This is a paint Cameron likes to use in his paint gun as it goes on really nicely and is durable (key for a kids room!).  When he first painted it, I kind of freaked as it looked a little minty, but oil dries a little darker and now I love it. Cameron gets a kick out of me...every time I paint something, I panic, say I hate it and then in a few days love it...I guess things have to grow on me?

BTW, the pictures aren't great and don't accurately show the color as the lighting in the garage makes it hard to get a good shot!

Anyways, we're half way done with the dresser.  All the drawers are finished but when he was priming the main part of the dresser, the heater in the garage (he's got a paint booth set up there) gave out and the weather got really cold....so he either has to find the time to fix the heater or hope for some warmer days! The paint won't go on or dry properly if it's too cold so we have to deal with this glitch.

I'll leave it at that for now as that's all I have time for, there's a few more pieces that have shown up (fun mail days!!!) and a few things on their way and a few things I need to hurry up and figure out! I'll have to share those details next week cause I'm out of time today!

Don't forget to check out the rest of the ORC designers and participants over on Linda's blog Calling It Home! So much good stuff happening! Thanks for following along :)
Thursday, April 20, 2017

ORC: Bedroom Progress and Lots to Do!

Well I'm definitely feeling wayyyy behind with this One Room Challenge bedroom design. There's not even a ton to show you this week besides a few messes since most things are on their way here or are a work in progress. 

The few late evening hours I've had to work on my own things have been spent sanding out the dresser. We emptied it out and hauled it to the garage and it's just about ready for paint. It was in rougher shape then I remembered so it took a good amount of elbow grease. Crossing my fingers we actually get some paint on it by this weekend! And by WE, I mean I'll be handing this job off Cam. It's nice having a someone around who's a pro with a paint gun!

Not the prettiest pictures but you can see a bit of our makeshift paint booth in the background.

The lights have been ordered (the ones in the design board) and this quilt is on it's way. I've sort of used it as a starting point for the color palate and building the room around it.

Target has a pretty cute selection of sheets and I found these ones there on sale.

That's really about as far as I've come so this week I've got to step it up and get things done fast!

Consulting with my little client ;) 

On my list:
Paint the room
Paint dresser
Order prints to frame
Order nightstand
Figure out headboard situation (DIY or buy!)
Pick out a rug
Upholster vintage chair

I'm sure there's more I'm missing but those are the main pieces.  And just for your entertainment, here's the current state of the bedroom. Guess this is what you get when you take away the dresser. It has provided some entertainment as the sisters help themselves to the clothes and walk around in interesting outfits!

As always, make sure you check out the designer and guest participants of the One Room Challenge over at www.callingithome.com I'm so amateur at this that last week I was literally running out the door when I hit publish and forgot to link up! Started a week late and messed up the linking, and now behind schedule. I'm on a roll!!