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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Another good deal

And Craigslist comes through for me again! This time in the form of dining chairs. 20 bentwood café chairs for $2.00 a piece. TWO DOLLARS people!!! The downside? They've certainly seen better days which means they need a lot of TLC!

So why 20 chairs? Well for that price, why not? I've been hunting for chairs ever since one of the 4 we have was busted by a little guy who struggles to sit still at the table! We've also wanted chairs that are easier to wipe down and don't have crevices for crumbs :) Our current ones aren't doing the job. 
Also, we find ourselves doing more entertaining these days(which I LOVE), but we never have enough chairs or we have to borrow folding ones from church.  It's fine, but a pain to haul them back and forth. Plus a matching set is so much prettier for dining!

Bentwood chairs have been around since the 1800's, which in my book makes them a classic. There's neat history behind the designer, Michael Thonet and I've loved them since I learned about them in college. There are quite a few different styles of these chairs available and if you don't want to put in the work usually required with vintage ones, Crate and Barrel sells them new for around $100 a piece. Although, that adds up when you need at least 10!

Vienna Chair from Crate and Barrel

What I love most about these chairs is how versatile they are. From modern to traditional, city loft or a country farmhouse they just work. And you can put them with just about any style table or mix them with completely different end chairs if you like to really mix things up.

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In the right space they are pretty with a natural or stained finish and I especially love the ones that have caned seats....but I've learned that caning and children are not a good mix!

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For our dining room, I think I'm going to paint them either black, grey or white (surprising, I know!) and maybe add a fun cushion like some of these have. The chair seats on ours have an ugly blue vinyl that I'll replace with a fabric that blends in with whatever color I paint them.

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Now to find some time and energy to get started on the hours of sanding I know it's going to take! Part of me wants to do a quick job and hit them with a can of spray paint so it can just be done, but when you live with an experienced painter, you know that's not going to fly :)
Friday, January 15, 2016

New Year, New Projects!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! We sure did, though it's never a holiday without a project around here! My dear hubby spent most of his holidays installing the kitchen backsplash (yeah, the one we planned to do last summer!) and it looks awesome! ,I of course, gave him the hardest tile to work with, but I love the results. There's few things to finish in the kitchen and then I can share all the details.

Here's a little in progress shot for now....

Anyways, the kids especially loved Christmas and it's fun to watch them enjoy time with family & friends, open way too many presents and have their daddy home all day. I liked that part too!

With a New Year, we like to sit down and plan/budget for the projects we want to do next. I try not to get too excited as real life usually delays (kitchen tile for example) or changes things and projects don't usually happen as quick as I'd like. But, it is still fun to dream up ideas, plan out the details and then make stuff happen!

One of the projects near the top of the list is our bedroom. It's lacking the built-in wardrobe we need, so we are just using metal shelving (destined for the garage once the room is done) and a hanging rack. It always looks messy and doesn't make for a relaxing atmosphere at all!!

(Here's the wall the wardrobe will run along. Obviously before we stained the floors and added trim.)

We both want the room to feel clean, calming, grown up and classic.  Somewhere to unwind after long busy days with our wild kids :) There's still a lot to be done to get it there!

Being that we're just at the dreaming, scheming and wishing stage I've been saving lots of ideas on Pinterest. It's a great way to find the feel you want for a space, even if you can't implement or afford everything in an image or room you like.

A few spaces that speak to me....

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We already have our headboard, nightstands and lamps and I've decided on a palette that layers neutrals (creams, whites, greys, tan) with shades of lilac (and maybe blue) and a bit of black by way of lampshades, doors, and window frames.

I need to find a statement light fixture, would love to add either a jute or antique rug to warm up the floors and add a chair to  curl up and read in +  art, pillows, so on and so forth.

As far as the wardrobe, we have a long wall to fill so we are planning to use Ikea's PAX system in white.

Image via
We plan to build a base and install the wardrobe system on top so we can wrap our baseboards across the bottom and finish it with crown molding. It's a great way to get a custom look without spending a fortune! You get the idea below, even though I think that's custom cabinetry.

Image via
When we were wiring the house for electricity we added outlets so we could put a few swing arm lamps over the wardrobe. Little did I know how expensive they were! I'm on the hunt for such lights that don't cost an arm and a leg, especially since we'd need a few.

Image via
We've tossed around the idea of adding antiqued mirrors to the door panels as I love the way they bounce light around and visually double the space. It might be too much extra work to do, since I hear assembling Ikea products is all kinds of fun. Sometimes we just run out of steam!

Image Via
Let's not forget the hardware! Such an easy way to customize or update furniture! Anthropologie, Hobby Lobby and even Etsy or Ebay if you want vintage (old with new is always a good thing!) are always stocked with great options.

I'd be good with any of these from Anthropologie :)

So there you have all the ideas I dream about in our not so dreamy bedroom ;) As soon as we get the cash saved up and make the (dreaded by someone) trip to Ikea, I'll keep you in the loop!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

getting (a little) festive!

Yesterday I had a chance to do a little Christmas project while the kids were napping. I've always wanted a place to display the Christmas cards we get, so I made a garland from fresh greens to hang over our chalkboard. It was pretty easy and pretty much free :)

I actually picked up most of the greenery from the side of the road where someone was getting rid of them and then used wires, berries and lights I already had to put it together. Mini clothes pins make it easy to add Christmas cards as they arrive. The kids love looking at the pictures and recognizing friends and family. Cameron likes that it was free ;)

The quote from a Christmas carol serves as a good reminder of what this season is really all about!

Besides this piece, a Christmas tree and a few greens I added to our front door, that's the extent of my decorating this year. With little kids, I know anything within their reach will be quickly destroyed (the tree has been "redecorated" a few times)! Plus, most of our house is only partially finished/furnished so it seems silly to put too much effort into décor.  One of these years I'd love to add little bits of Christmas throughout the house, but for now I'm ok with keeping it simple!

And just for fun, here's our little tree. I set it up with help from a 4 yr. old boy! I think he had fun adding ornaments and I did my best not to rearrange his work :)

Anyways, hope everyone's Christmas is a merry one! Send those cards so we can hang them up ;) Kidding, I don't even have ours ready to mail...gotta get on that!

PS. You might have noticed a new blog design. I'm attempting to clean things up and make it easier to navigatethe blog. Pictures are pinnable now, you can follow me on facebook, pinterest or instagram if you wish, and so on! I'm still working on a few things so feel free to give me feedback, suggestions or ideas.
Thursday, October 01, 2015

Garage Phase 2

I've got a few minutes to myself this afternoon so thought I would share some of the progress we've made this summer and things we're hoping to get done while we have good weather. Winter's coming!

We're on Phase 2 of our garage, the fun part where things start to look pretty! Excuse the scaffolding, it's too heavy for me to move :)

Last summer, we did a ton of structural work on the garage, then wrapped everything in Tyvec and left it alone until this year. 

Click the link below to read more about that and my inspiration for the doors.

Garage Phase 1 + door and color inspiration

Lucky for us, we had lots of siding leftover from 4 years ago when we resided our house, so we were able to use that to reside the garage. We also added a couple windows to the side that faces our house. It'll bring in natural light to the garage, but also helps break up the siding a little.

In the front and back peak of the garage, we used cedar shakes. In part because we ran out of siding and didn't want to have to special order more. I LOVE cedar shakes, so this made me happy!

For the doors, Cameron drew them up on Google Sketch up and then built them from wood 2x4s last year.  He recently built the face frames from plywood and pine boards and then screwed them to the doors.  I picked out Benjamin Moore's Knoxville Grey to paint them with. I love the green-blue shade with the grey and white siding! I'll paint the side door and our front door the same color to tie everything together.

The hinges are heavy duty strap hinges we ordered online, I like the scale of them on such large doors. The doors are now functioning bifold doors, and at some point Cam's going put them on a track so they'll open automatically. We'll also add door handles too for a finished look.  I'm thinking of ordering this style to go with the hinges.

Right now, I'm finishing the tedious job of caulking and painting around all the trim and siding. With it being a wood product, we have to leave a gap between the siding and any trim it butts up to. All of this has to be filled with caulk and then touched up with paint. All of the trim came primed but also needed 2 coats of white paint... 
 With 3 kids, you can imagine how long it's taking me to get finished. I can get an hour or so in while they nap or else I have to have a friend (Thanks Lillie!) help out with the kids to make any progress! Not that I mind doing it, it's a nice change from the usual day to day stuff, but I tell you that just so you don't think I can do it all.  I read some blogs sometimes and wonder how do you do all that with kids? I can't unless I have help :)
So that's where we're at now! We really hope to pour the floor in the garage in a few weeks if the weather cooperates. Next summer we'll likely do the driveway and shingle the roof. I also need to put a final coat of paint on the doors and add a light over the side door too. Odds and ends, but I'm pretty happy that it's no longer the eyesore it once was!

Also, I'm excited for that little window. Inside is an attic room I plan to take over. I keep calling it my "studio" just so I can claim it :) There's talk about ship lap walls and Cam's already installed a couple of these less than $12.00 lights.

More on that room later, once we finalize some plans and start working on it this winter! Any major projects you've tackled this summer? I'd love to hear about them or see what you've done!

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